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needs work

Most of your "story" was told through the text at the end. If you want your series to be good, I suggest you remake this movie many times over until it is perfect.


Holy shit. That was awesome. Your overall graphics quality could have been better, but I especially like the Bunny.


Nice work man! My only problem is that the character art could have been better... Keep up the good work!

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Just one problem here

You can't shoot the zombies once they are on top of you!

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Ha ha WTF

This song has changed my outlook on life forever...

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dc-charcoal responds:

Heh, I still can't believe I actually submitted this! I was looking for inspiration, and decided to ask my cousin Bailey. First thing she said was, "Meow". I asked, "What?" She responded, "Woof". And thus, the creation of this song was not far off. There you go, you learned a little history on it. Now you know that those words weren't crawling through my brain all that time... They were crawling through her brain! The End.


It was nice, and I would have downloaded it if the downloads were working! My only problem is that, at certain points, it was a tad repetitive. Other than that, excellent song! Keep up the good work.

k-kintaro responds:

thanks for pointing out the flaws of this song. Its nice to hear u would like to download it so be sure to hop back once the download script is repaired! i will make more in the future for eu guys!

! ! ! PLEASE READ ! ! !

This song is recorded at a low kbps, and plays faster on NG then it would when downloaded. Please download the song to hear it at its full potential.

I am a friend of DC and am doing this for him. Please download and enjoy the song.

dc-charcoal responds:

Everything said here is true. I was puzzled when I found this out. Thanks AD, take care.

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